Welcome to Mimiquate

We bring our expertise to your business.

Here at Mimiquate we like to work with our clients as a team, providing all the support they need whether it is technical or process wise. We do our best to communicate and be as transparent as possible, always keeping in mind that what is most important to us is to provide a high quality service to our clients.

Do you have an idea you want to try out? You came to the right place. We have vast experience in translating requirements into working software, creating minimum viable products with constant delivery.

Do you have an application that is giving you a hard time? We can help you out by digging the problems out. We are passionate about continuous improvement and big impact proposals, and also adapt well to in-house teams.

Great products

We get involved with the product as much as we can in order to be certain we are building the product you are dreaming of.

Thoughtful Solutions

We develop solutions that are maintainable, simple and adaptable. We deliver more than working code, we deliver great code.

Travel buddies

In the journey of building a product, we believe that treating our clients as our partnerns is the key to success. We work hard to make that feeling mutual, so that they can trust our advice and guidance.

What we Do

Improve your process

Our experience can help you optimize your time, improving delivery dates and reducing costs.

Rescue missions

If you are in a critical situation, we will identify your problem fast and get you up and running in no time.

Web development

We are web experts, we focus on Elixir, Ember and React apps.

Open source

We are strong open source advocates, we love giving back to the community.


We are willing to do trials, do not doubt to contact us if you believe we can be a good fit.

Agile methodologies

We can adapt to Kanban, SCRUM or any other agile process you are using.

Our Happy Customers

  • Mimiquate was an excellent addition to our team. They ramped quickly and delivered high quality, maintainable code that followed best practices from the broader Rails and Ember communities. As important as the software they delivered, their communication was top notch. We were glad to have them on the team.

    Chris Bonser, Former Technical Lead at Khorus

  • Mimiquate has provided an amazing augmentation to our team. Their knowledge and experience combined with their great communication skills and business acumen made them invaluable. I would simply say that they don't just code, they create experiences which delight and surprise users. I highly recommend them.

    Reid Williams, TravelBank

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